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Queen Wilhelmina’s English

Earlier this week, NRC Handelsblad, one of the Dutch quality newspapers, published a review of a book called Dear Old Bones. Brieven van Koningin Wilhelmina aan haar Engelse gouvernante Miss Elizabeth Saxton Winter 1886-1935, edited by Emerentia van Heuven-van Nes. Fantastic, … Continue reading

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Reading through the Browning love letters, the opening and closing formulas are particularly interesting, since they change from more formal ones to more informal ones in the course of time. Examples for formal opening and closing formulas are the following … Continue reading

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William Clift’s correspondence with Elizabeth

While I was preparing for my presentation and working on my paper, I though it would be a good idea to tell a few things about William Clift’s correspondence with his eldest sister Elizabeth. In 1792, William arrived in London … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s in LModE letter writers?

On his website, Ian Lancashire, from the University of Toronto, reports on research done on the language of Agatha Christie and Iris Murdoch, and by way of a control informant, on that of P.D. James.  He wrote a paper on … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not Cross

After Annemiek’s presentation on Penholder’s Everbody’s Letter Writer, I started to think about crossing again. Earlier in this blog, there was a post by Annemiek on what Penholder wrote about the reasons for not crossing letters. Reasons for crossing were either that … Continue reading

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And now more about “Vanessa”. I have been reading about this woman in particular. I did not admire her much, to say the least. Not to get ahead of my own presentation in a couple of days, but I wanted … Continue reading

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