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Periphrastic do and Colonial Lag

And since she sent me both blogposts all at once, here is Esther Spaanderman’s second one, also on the Adams Papers: “But as I speak french very imperfectly and she understands not a syllable of English I suppose she did … Continue reading

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Reading through the Browning love letters, the opening and closing formulas are particularly interesting, since they change from more formal ones to more informal ones in the course of time. Examples for formal opening and closing formulas are the following … Continue reading

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The varying degree of formality in John Wesley’s letters

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In the course Letters as Sociohistorical-Linguistic Documents, we have learned that social status was of great importance in the late modern English society. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that especially experienced writers applied a variety of different styles to … Continue reading

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Collection of John Wesley’s Letters

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We have seen the edition of Wesley’s letters from 1721-1755 which Frank Baker put together; we have heard of the online collection of 138 letters that the Bridwell Library put on their website; but – until today – I did not … Continue reading

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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told…

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I am not talking about Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere or Paris and Helena. These two are not as widely known, but their story “is surely one of the most fascinating love-stories in the world” (Kenmare 1957:7). This is … Continue reading

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Penholder’s Everybody’s Letter Writer

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Today I received a surprise package in my mail! Of course, I remembered ordering a copy of Penholder’s Everybody’s Letter Writer: being a Complete Guide to Letter Writing, but the website ( had told me that it would take 10 to … Continue reading

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Empire of Letters

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I just came across this (old) reference in my mailbox (with thanks to Richard Dury for telling me about the book a long time ago): EVE TAVOR BANNET, Empire of Letters: Letter Manuals and Transatlantic Correspondence, 1688-1820. Pp.xxiii + 347. … Continue reading

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