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Letter Writing in Late Modern Europe

Earlier this year, a collection of articles on letter writing in a wider context than Late Modern English was published: Letter Writing in Late Modern Europe, edited by Marina Dossena and Gabriella Del Lungo Camiciotti (Benjamins 2012). From its table of … Continue reading

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Finding new norms of usage

William Clift (1775-1849) has been mentioned several times on this blog already. One of the reasons his language is interesting is that by studying the letters you can see how he substitutes one linguistic model, that of his sister Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Robert Browning and “the full stop”

Punctuation marks had to be acquired and properly applied in writing as long as the writer is acquainted with their rules.  On the basis that treatises on punctuation were scarce and grammars used to deal with this “art” briefly, punctuation … Continue reading

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Free online letter database

As I was just searching on the internet for information about Charles Dickens, I found an amazing site on which a large variety of letters by various authors have been posted. To me, as I’m doing research on the relationship between Dickens … Continue reading

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Self-corrections and prepositions

This week, we are reading Anita Auer’s article on self-corrections in Late Modern English letters (Auer 2008). In this article, Auer discusses three case studies, and one of them concerns the letters of Lucy Whitaker (1759-1837), the wife of a … Continue reading

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Lowth letters in Leiden

Great news: Leiden University Library owns two letters from the most authoritative 18th-century English grammarian, Robert Lowth (1710-1787). They were identified accidentally by Myrte Wouterse, BA English and Honours Academy student at the University of Leiden. Myrte and a fellow student had been taken … Continue reading

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