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OED not (yet) helpful on Turkies

Analysing Jane Austen’s spelling in her letters, I found the plural Turkies rather than Turkeys as we spell it today: he hopes all your Turkies & Ducks & Chicken & Guinea Fowls are very well (letter 21) We are just … Continue reading

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Jane Austen’s letters

In October last year, a new edition was published of Jane Austen’s letters (OUP, 2011). It is the fourth edition, and the editor is Deirdre Le Faye, a well-known Austen specialist. The previous edition, also by her, dates from 1995 … Continue reading

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Letters from India

Julia Maitland’s letters, reported one earlier in this blog, are part of a larger tradition of women publishing their correspondence from the time they spent in India. We have two more such editions at home: Emily Eden, Up the Country: … Continue reading

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Addison’s hand

One of my students was writing a paper on Joseph Addison’s Will, and because she wanted to verify if the Will was actually in his own hand, she googled for “Joseph Addison” and “handwriting”. Joseph Addison lived from 1672 to … Continue reading

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The Browning letters again

Another Browning specialist informed me that, as far as he knew, the Baylor letters project is “free to air”: excellent news. He also recommended the book The Courtship of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett by Daniel Karlin (1985, Oxford: Clarendon Press) . … Continue reading

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Language of the Browning letters

Looking for studies on the language of the Browning letters I was reminded of James Pennebaker’s discussion of pronouns in the works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning. See his intreaguing and very readable (though non-linguistic) book called  The … Continue reading

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John Wesley’s letters online

One of the best introductions to 18th-century letter writing is that by Frank Baker in Vol. 1 of the edition of John Wesley’s letters. Wesley was a Methodist minister who lived from 1703–1791, and he was a voluminous letter writer. There is … Continue reading

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