Sara Hutchinson’s lifedates?

William and Mary Wordsworth (Culture24)

Could anyone help me find Sara Hutchinson’s lifedates? Sara was the sister of William Wordsorth’s wife Mary (1770-1859). An edition of her letters was published in 1954, by K. Coburn, but we don’t have the book in the library here. The reason I’d like to know is because she might be a contemporary of Jane Austen, and if she was, their language might be comparable. Or not, as it happens.

Sara Hutchinson was one of the informants of René Arnaud’s study of the progressive in 19th-century English, but he doesn’t mention any dates for her, nor can I find them in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

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2 Responses to Sara Hutchinson’s lifedates?

  1. Maria F. García-Bermejo Giner says:

    I find in her birth and death dates as 1775-1835. I hope this helps.
    Kind regards,
    María F. García-Bermejo Giner- University of Salamanca.

  2. María, fantastic! So she was an exact contemporary of Jane Austen, who was likelwise born in 1775. Many thanks for your very quick response.

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