An MA course on Late Modern English letters

The coming semester, I will be teaching another MA course on Late Modern English letters. The aim of the course is for students at Leiden to learn all about letter writing during that period, including analysing the language of this very interesting and important text type. Students will be expected to write blog posts on their findings as well, so readers of this blog will be receiving regular bits and pieces of state-of-the-art information on LModE letters. I hope you will be looking forward to this as much as I am.

As a foretaste, here is an image of a letter writing desk from my own collection, very similar to the one owned by Jane Austen, held by the British Library. The picture was recently posted (with permission of course) on a Korean website on the eighteenth-century room. Fascinating – though unfortunately I can’t read Korean, but perhaps other readers of this blog can.

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