text crossing

Last night I came across a nice example of text crossing on someone’s blog. I haven’t seen one like this before, and it appealed to me immediately. I think it’s fascinating to see how letters could be written, in a certain pattern.




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2 Responses to text crossing

  1. Ariënne says:

    I have been wondering how this text crossing worked. How did writers make sure their text was readable when writing over old letters? In the blog mentioned in this entry, it is already explained that lines were not placed close together, which I imagine was done in order to facilitate reading. But I noticed that the old text seems blurred, as if the author attempted to erase it. Some of the blurred words seem to be on the other side of the paper, but not all of them. Is this merely an illusion, coincidence, or did letter writers attempt to erase previously written texts? If so: how?

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